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About Hendra Croft Farm

We are not a farm that prides ourselves on the production of cheap beef,  my grandfather's philosophy and farming practices focused primarily on sustainability, hard work, and a strong herd of cows.

Fast forward a generation and we are still following the same philosophy and practices, with sustainability reducing our environmental impact, and a strong herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus cattle.

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In order to keep and support the herd of cattle, we need to strategically and seasonally farm the land. The cattle manure is collected after the housed winter months. By spreading collected cattle manure on the fields in the spring, we can ensure a healthy yield of forage is grown every summer which then can be used to feed the stock during the year, we can also use the manure in our veggie patch that supplies the café in the warmer months.

Good life

The good life is not about our good life, it also expands to all creatures. On our farm, chickens and ducks are not living in cages. Instead, they are free to roam around the farm, lay eggs as they want, swim in the pond, spread their wings, and quack as they wish. (It can be annoying sometimes though.) All animals here have their own space to enjoy their life.

We are trying to let animals on our farm live as naturally as possible because we all have our own best way to live.

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